Full Set

This is a full set of our 16 current colors. It comes in a black watercolor tin that is smaller than most cell phones. All sets are priced at a 10% discount. The colors that are included are:

Colors included:

- Bristol Yellow

- Bismuth Lemon Yellow
- Burnt Umber, Dark Brown
- Gold Ochre, Light
- Indigo Genuine
- Buff Titanium
- Dark Burnt Sienna No.3
- Red Venetian
- Burnt Umber, Cyprus
- French Ochre, Havane
- Raw Sienna Italian
- Ultramarine
- Prussian Blue LUX
- Green Earth Light
- Ruby
- Fawn Ochre

The tin included can fit up to 18 half pans.

Each color has been mulled by hand on a granite slab and poured with love. Each half pan is wrapped in foil and a label made from watercolor paper. All colors are lightfast.
These paints are all made from the finest of pigments and hand mulled.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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