French Ochre Light Watercolor Half Pan

Handcrafted watercolor poured into an individual half pan. Each color has been mulled by hand on a granite slab and poured with love. Each half pan is wrapped in foil and a label made from watercolor paper. All colors are lightfast - I have not experienced any fading throughout my testings.
Half pan is universal size. Fits in all palettes designed to hold it.
These paints are all made from the finest of pigments and are all handmade and hand mulled by me. They are made with pigment, my own binder that includes honey, and a natural preservative. They are a product that I've poured my heart into and one that I hope you'll love. I've wasted a lot of pigment and other materials to find the perfect recipe(in my eyes of course). Each color of pigment has its own personality so one recipe isn't a "one size fits all"..I've done the work to find the right ratios for each pigment and I hope that comes across as you paint with these beautiful colors. :)
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


- Majority are completely light fast. The only color that has a SLIGHT change in color if exposed to straight sunlight for an extended period of time is Buff Titanium but it is very minimal. Its a small enough change that you wouldn't notice unless you had them side by side and are actively pointing it out. All other colors have not faded or changed in my extended tests.

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