RedwoodWillow Sample Card

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This is a sample card of all 16 colors that are currently offered here at RedwoodWillow. The cards have a little dot of paint of each color that you can rewet and use! The colors that are included are:
- Buff Titanium
- Raw Sienna, Italian
- Fawn Ochre
- Gold Ochre, Light
- French Ochre, Havane
- Bismuth Lemon Yellow
- Bristol Yellow
- Green Earth, Light
- Burnt Umber, Cyprus
- Dark Burnt Sienna No.3
- Venetian Red
- Burnt Umber, Dark Brown
- Indigo Genuine
- Ruby
- Prussian Blue LUX
- Ultramarine


- 8.5 x 4 inches
- Includes all 15 colors
- Includes actual paint
- Paint sits on ready to use watercolor paper
- Lightfast
- Packaged in a size 10 envelope


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